Science Fiction War movies, aliens and soldiers in war

If science fiction, aliens and soldiers in war is your thing than you will be excited to see the film below.

1. Battle: Los Angeles (2011) Official HD trailer released
2. I, Frankenstein (2013)
3. Hummingbird (2013)
4. Oblivion (2013)
5. World War Z (2013)
6. Pacific Rim (2013)
7. Battleship (2012)

More War movies:
The Whole catalog of all war films
World War I (1st World War)
World War II (2nd World War)
Modern Wars like Afghanistan and Iraq
Cold War, Soviet and Nuclear War
Vietnam, Vietcong, Japanese and Korean wars
Colonial, Revolution and Civil Wars
Midievel Wars
Wars and battlefields of old Greece
Science Fiction Wars

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